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Angela Catterns is a well known Australian television & radio presenter. She is also a podcaster, writer, interviewer, MC, facilitator, speaker, narrator & voice-over artist.


Angela Catterns is a well-known and much admired Australian media personality and radio presenter. 

Best know for her work on Australian radio, Angela has presented Mornings on Triple J, the National Evening Show on ABC Local Radio, and Breakfast on 702 ABC Sydney, where she went to number one in the ratings in 2004. 

She has also broadcast on commercial radio stations 2SM and VegaFM in Sydney, and on WKYS in Washington DC. In 2011, Angela spent several months in the role of Program Director at 774 ABC Melbourne.

Angela currently freelances as an interviewer and presenter, voice-over artist, and MC – hosting proceedings for countless conferences, corporate events and charity fund-raisers. She regularly teams up with Australian humourist and broadcaster Wendy Harmer to create podcasts and present an annual holiday season of the Breakfast Show on 702 ABC Sydney – described as the ‘hit of the summer’.

Angela is also an independent podcast producer, short story and feature article writer, and is currently collating a collection of memoirs from her career.

In 2003, Catterns conceived the ABC 702 ‘Knit-In’, harnessing the knitting prowess and goodwill of 702 listeners, in collaboration with the charity Wrap With Love, for an annual knitting event at ABC Headquarters. The ‘Knit-In’ has been an annual ABC event ever since.

In addition to her involvement with Wrap With Love, Angela Catterns is an ambassador, volunteer and supporter of the charity Habitat for Humanity Australia and The Public Education Foundation.



Catterns began her career as an advertising copywriter, and though Sydney born and bred, made several forays into Australia’s regional areas. Her first job on the radio was at 2LM, in the north coast town of Lismore, NSW. She also headed to Orange, NSW for her first job working in television at CBN 8.

In 1979, Catterns became a reporter on the Logie award winning television show,Simon Townsend’s Wonder World. Then, after travelling, she produced the AFI Award-winning film documentary “Double Concerto” about Australian pianist Roger Woodward and Polish violinist Wanda Wilkomirska.

In the mid to late 1980s, Angela worked at Triple J and 2SM, WKYS in Washington DC, and SBS Television as a researcher and producer. Into the 1990s as Triple J’s full time morning show and drive program announcer – Catterns aired memorable interviews with subjects like David Bowie, Michael Hutchence, Jeff Buckley and then Prime Minister Paul Keating.

During Sydney 2000, Angela was the “voice of the Olympics”, responsible for all public domain announcements at Sydney Olympic Park, and was the Superdome announcer for the Gymnastics competition.

She also became the voice of pre-flight safety announcement procedures on all Qantas flights – and now after more than a decade, still scripts, programs and presents ‘Soul Food’, an enduring in-flight Qantas music channel.

Angela has one daughter, lives in Sydney and enjoys sailing, yoga, reading, writing and working with aforementioned charities such as Habitat for Humanity.

Some Australians say they feel like they’ve grown up with Angela Catterns. And in a way they have.



Angela Catterns is a well-known Australian television and radio presenter. She is also a podcaster & writer and available in a freelance capacity as an interviewer, presenter, event MC, facilitator, speaker, narrator and voice-over artist.


Angela began her writing career as a published poet and advertising copywriter before going on to produce and present in the radio, television, film and Internet broadcast arenas. She currently writes short stories, occasional feature articles, and is collating a collection of memoirs from her career.


Angela is often in demand as an events MC, overseeing proceedings for a range of conferences, client corporate events and charity fundraisers.

Angela has been trusted to MC various events and conferences, and to make appearances and speeches for:

  • NSW Nurses Association
  • Sustaining Women in Business
  • Service Skills Australia
  • City of Sydney
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • ANZ Bank
  • Qantas
  • Dept. of Ageing Disability & Home Care
  • Uniting Care
  • Catholic Community Services
  • Sydney Peace Foundation
  • Rotary Club of Sydney
  • Museum of Australian Democracy
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation
  • Gunawirra
  • Legacy NSW
  • Sydney Womens Club
  • MLC School
  • Battle for Australia Commemorations
  • The Happiness Conference
  • World’s Funniest Island
  • Habitat for Humanity, Australia


Angela freelances as a voice-over artist and has worked in this capacity with various radio and television stations, corporate organisations and even the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games where she was the “voice of the Olympics”; venue announcer at the Gymnastics competition and responsible for all public domain announcements at Sydney Olympic Park.


  • SBS TV
  • ‘Soul Food’ – in-flight music channel
  • Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
  • Qantas safety announcements
  • Foxtel
  • World Movies
  • Transmission Films
  • 10 Giggly Gorillas – iPhone app.
  • News Ltd. Awards
  • Qantas Excel Awards
  • PayPal


Best known for her work on Australian radio, Angela has presented Mornings on Triple J, the National Evening Show on ABC Local Radio, and Breakfast on 702 ABC Sydney, where she went to number one in the ratings.  She’s also held spots on commercial radio stations 2SM and VegaFM in Sydney, and on WKYS in Washington DC.


  • 702 ABC Sydney
  • 774 ABC Melbourne
  • ABC Radio National
  • Triple J
  • Vega FM
  • 2SM
  • WKYS FM Washington DC
  • 2GZ Orange
  • 2LM Lismore


Angela’s popularity as a broadcaster and conversationalist is often attributed to her “perfectly measured combination of intellect and personality” (Elle), her listening and interviewing skills, and a voice described as being “smooth as chocolate” (Sydney Morning Herald).

Angela has interviewed hundreds, possibly thousands of people including policitians, pop-stars and ordinary people from all works of life. Some notable interviewees include

  • Prime Minister Paul Keating
  • Prime Minister John Howard
  • Bob Carr
  • Germaine Greer
  • Jamie Oliver
  • David Bowie
  • Jeff Buckley
  • Michael Hutchence
  • Sir Michael Parkinson
  • Quentin Bryce


Outside of her broadcast media career, Angela remains actively involved with a number of charity organisations which she believes undertake important work in the community.


  • The Public Education Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity Australia
  • Wrap with Love
  • CanAssist NSW
  • Autism Australia